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C. David Odem Attorney Florence, AL

About C. David Odem, Attorney at Law

There are people who know what they want their profession to be since childhood and follow their dreams all the way through. C. David Odem, Esq. is a perfect example of that. Since the fifth grade, Mr. Odem knew he wanted to be an attorney. After serving in the United States Navy, Mr. Odem attended the University of North Alabama, received his undergraduate degree and then went on to attend the University of Memphis Law School.

Mr. Odem started practicing law in Florence, AL in May of 1982. He's had a positive effect on the individuals he represents as well as their families. These relationships have resulted in numerous referrals and terrific reviews. Mr. Odem has 35+ years of experience and is well versed in the Law Industry. In addition to reviews from clients, Mr. Odem has also received plenty of positive feedback from staff, other attorneys and court personnel.

Education & History

  • Graduate of University North Alabama, Bachelor's Degree
  • University of Memphis School of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • U.S. Navy Honorable Discharge